After facing series of attacks on my blog I decided to move it from Wordpress to Ghost; from PHP to NodeJS !

My blog hosted under was facing threats and external attacks from 2008 to 2011. This made me to change the hosting from my local dedicated server to Godaddy with a new domain name, by keeping the same content. The attack continued even with a secured Godaddy server, and I lost my blog posts I had hosted under Wordpress.

I updated my Wordpress in earlier 2012 and moved it from Godaddy Servers to Digital Ocean cloud solution, this time with another domain It was running fine without any issues for an year, but one morning I could see my blog is totally vanished.

At last this is my final try to keep the blog up and running even if most of the articles have no relevance nowadays, it is technology-wise a bit old !!

Fingers crossed, with Ghost