The tips is based on my requirement to call india using a calling number.

Usually calling card has their number and after that we need to enter our PIN (for some calling card, PIN won’t be there) then we need to enter the destination number.

All this can be done in a single call using comma (or pause in some phone)

For example, 020XXXXX,00914XXXXXXXwill dial the initial number first and when it get connected, it dial the second number after a second

If you need to wait 2-3 seconds before dialling the second number, you can add more pauses (commas), like


Using this technique, if you know the total flow of an IVR call, say for example, to a customer care number, you can save the full flow as a contact using commas and just do a dial

eg: 020XXXXX,1,,,3,,4,5=> Dial the customer care agent number, press 1 after a second, wait 3 seconds and press 3, wait 2 seconds press 4 and then press 5 . All in a single call.

In iPhone, you can get this comma when you add a new contact, by pressing the * button [you can see a pause button and a wait button there. You can use pause button to put a comma]