Buzitweet is a blogging platform where anyone can register using a Facebook account and can post your articles. No matter what topic it is, it can be programming, videos, quotes, images, pictures or any thing.

I use that platform for writing quick programming tips, and which I feelreally interesting.

Here are my recent 4 posts:

Upload File using PhoneGap

PhoneGap new version comes with upload/download file support in iPhone/Android and BlackBerry

Problem in PhoneGap accessing external URL

Article on how to access a 3rd party website content using PhoneGap (Default setting does not allow this)

Change Browser Address Location using Javascript (w/o reloading)

Article on manipulating browser address bar without reloading the page. Do not work for IE

Get filetype from header without checking extension in Unix

Get the MIME type of a file without checking the extension of the file (Good way – Unix style)